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We are professionals who test and evaluate your hearing loss. We help you make your best choices among today's high tech hearing aids and enhancement devices. If your hearing is affected by other medical conditions, we work with your doctor in managing your hearing.

When you get a hearing aid or any device from us, we give you on-going support, and help you make the best use of your hearing devices.


Our many services help protect and improve your hearing.

Custom fitted hearing aids

Receive professional testing and a thorough analysis of your hearing aid choices. Choose the unique, custom-fitted digital aid that works best for the life you live.

Custom Earmolds

Enhance the performance of behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Batteries and Accessories

Come in for a consultation or order right from this site.


Expands the effectiveness of your hearing aid on phones. Consider programming so it can be made active on any new hearing aid.

Ear Plugs for Musicians

Protect your hearing. It's vital. These custom ear pieces filter signals according to your listening needs.

SMARTPHONE, TABLET, iPod and MP3 Player Attachments

Enjoy listening to music again with custom speakers and/or ear pieces.

Hearing Protection

Hear the sounds you need. Feel secure hunting or on noise-heavy industrial sites.

Swim molds

Say no to ear infections. Also useful when you put a child with an ear tube in the water. Or near it.

Assistive Listening Devices

Use in group situations or whenever hearing aids aren't enough.

Repairs, Maintenance, Cleaning

Talk to us about cleaning. That will extend the life of your hearing aids and other hearing products. We'll get you quick service on any repairs you need.


Improving your hearing is investing in success every day.

Aging and Hearing Loss

Dr. Jane Brady


Dr. Jane Brady

Causes of Hearing Loss

Dr. Jane Brady

Diabetes and Hearing Loss

Dr. Jane Brady