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Hearing Aids

At Horizon, an audiologist tests your hearing, then sits with you for a comfortable conversation about your results. Will a hearing aid help you? If so, we'll program a digital aid just for you. But what's the best style aid for you? Do you attend lectures frequently? Travel a lot? The life you lead is more important than your age in choosing a hearing aid.

During your first year, we see you quarterly to monitor your hearing aid and check the improvement in your hearing.  


Brands we carry

Brands we carry Brands we carry

Hearing Aid Styles

Invisible in the canal

Invisible in the canal (IIC) and Lyric.

Not visible. IIC helps mild to moderate loss. Lyric helps mild to severe loss.

Completely in the canal

Completely in the canal (CIC).

Barely visible. Helps mild to moderate loss.

In the canal

In the canal (ITC).

Custom molded. Helps mild to moderate loss.

Full shell

Full shell (FS/ITE).

Fills outer ear bowl. Helps mild to severe loss.

Behind the ear

Behind the ear (BTE).

Hooks over the top of the ear. Provides the most amplification.

Open fit

Open fit (OTE/RIC).

Very small behind-the-ear. Helps any type of hearing loss, especially high frequency loss.