Main office: East Windsor - New office: Pennington


I have seen and worked with hundreds of audiology practices and Horizon Audiology is one the very best I have seen.


Horizon Audiology is very professional, caring, and they cater to my needs. I have profound hearing loss, and purchased my new hearing aides with them a few years ago. Since then, I have gone back consistently for check-ups and they have been nothing short of exceptional. I will be purchasing my new hearing aides with them this summer in 2017.


“I am becoming much more comfortable wearing the hearing aids in different environments. I started Mahjong yesterday with a group of 8 women. Mahjong is a difficult game and I heard and understood every direction given. I realized if I hadn’t been wearing hearing aids, I would have missed 50% of the instruction. I might not be a great player, but I understood everything with the hearing aids.”


“With my new aids I can see a big smile on my granddaughters faces because their “GamGam” can hear again!”

68 yr old, 1st time hearing aid user


Doctor of Audiology: How are you doing with your new aids?

Patient: It is going better than I expected. They are comfortable and the sound is very natural sounding. The Bluetooth is a great addition and makes work better because I can listen to music.  What wonderful times we live in!


“Thanks for taking such excellent care of my husband whom you’ve taken on as a new client!”


“I recently drove 3 hours to meet Dr. Brady and her staff. She is an amazing Doctor of Audiology and her office staff is truly caring. At her office you’ll find competent and caring professionals that will always answer your questions and give you the best recommendations. Dr. Brady looks at the full picture and does not overcharge her patients. I highly recommend Horizon Audiology.”


“The best Christmas or Hanukkah present anyone with hearing loss – no matter how minor – can give themselves is a visit to Horizon Audiology. Very smart, empathetic, never condescending treatment was bonus to the actual hearing device which changed my life.”


Dr. Brady and her staff are caring and professional. I highly recommend this practice.

Sara Cooper