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June 6th, 2016

Successful Unitron Lunch and Listen for Moxi Flex and Dura

Try the Unitron Flex Aids at one of our Lunch and Listen events!

Try the Unitron Moxi Flex Aids at one of our Lunch and Listen events!

Dr. Fuchs and Dr. Brady had a successful lunch and listen event on June 6. Along with a Unitron representative they were able to allow a select few patients to “test drive” new hearing aid technology. They had intimate conversations with attendees and every person left with a pair of “Moxi Flex”or “Moxi Dura” Receiver in the Canal style aids to utilize over the next two weeks. Following the assessment period, patients are scheduled for a personal follow up appointment with their doctor to evaluate the aids effect on their hearing and lifestyle.

Patients had very positive responses to the event. They liked that they were able to get information about the technology from the Unitron Representative–an expert on their hearing aids, that they were able to be fit with a hearing aid programmed for their exact hearing, and that they could experience the hearing aid in a relaxed, but crowded, listening environment. When they have a follow up with their doctors, the aids will be further tailored to their exact needs using Real Ear and Speech Mapping, to be sure they are working as effectively as possible.

We are hosting another lunch and listen event for our Pennington patients on June 29. If you are interested in participating in the event and receiving similar instructions from your Horizon Audiology doctor, you can call the office at (609) 303 0291 t0 reserve your spot! Like us on Facebook here to receive information about special offers and events happening at Horizon Audiology. If you’re not currently on our email list, be sure to provide your email to our front desk for invitations to similar events and hearing aid user group meetings!

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Unitron Moxi Flex

Unitron Moxi Flex: One of the aids we fit patients with at the Lunch and Listen.

June 1st, 2016

Unbundling at Unitron Engage

Horizon Audiology is a proud provider of Unitron Hearing Aids. This month, Dr. Brady will be speaking about “Unbundling Audiology” at the Unitron Engage Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The Conference will bring together hearing healthcare providers and provide a platform where they can discuss strategies to bring patients the best possible hearing instruments and testing in a changing technological world.

Dr. Brady regularly attends conferences like Engage to develop strategies to give patients the most memorable and positive experience in the office as well as quality hearing aids at a reasonable price. She will be speaking about Horizon Audiology’s unique method of unbundling which allows our office to give patients the most fair and equitable pricing for hearing aids. The office uses an unbundled method of billing so patients are only be charged for the services they require and benefit from lower hearing aid prices. It also helps our doctors to see patients who are having difficulty with an aid or need a modification sooner. Dr. Brady hopes the model will become more popular in audiology because it gives patient’s more fair and honest pricing, keeping the focus on their hearing and overall health. If you’re interested in taking advantage of Horizon Audiology’s unbundled billing model, visit one of our locations in Pennington or East Windsor. You can schedule an appointment by calling (609) 448 9730. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Visit our “About Page” to learn more about Dr. Brady, the owner of Horizon Audiology, and her mission to bring the best possible hearing care to patients in your area.

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