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August 23rd, 2016

Special Offer: Musician Ear Protection

Are you a Musician, Singer or Performer? Are you concerned with protecting your hearing and improving your performance ability? Professional musicians are 57% more likely to suffer from tinnitus (that annoying ringing in your ears) and 3.6 times more likely to suffer from noise-induced deafness. While some of these numbers are staggering, audiology is able to help! You may have seen a previous blog post about the benefits of Musician Ear Protection and Musician Monitors. We are offering incentives to improve your ability to protect your hearing.

Horizon Audiology is able to fit patients with musician ear protection and musician monitors. We have partnered with Westone to provide our clients with entry level through high-end musician ear plugs. The technology protects your ears and enhance your performance ability by blocking out distracting background noise. Most of all, it will ensure that your ability to communicate with friends, family and dedicated fans pre and post show goes unaffected! We are passionate about protecting our patient’s hearing and encourage you to make an appointment and learn how we can help you.

To that end, in the month of September, we are offering a 25% DISCOUNT on all Westone Musician products. Schedule an appointment in one of our East Windsor or Pennington locations and see how we can help to provide you with just the right technology for your listening needs. Call us in East Windsor at (609) 448-9730 or Pennington at (609) 303-0291. You can visit our website, Facebook, or Twitter to learn more! Life is Calling. Horizon Helps You Answer.

Website: www.horizonaudiology.com

Facebook: @HorizonAudiology

Twitter: @HorizonAudioInc

If you’re looking to learn more about audiology, hearing aids or hearing conditions, visit our YouTube page! You’ll be able to see videos that Dr. Brady, owner and director of Horizon Audiology, filmed and shares! Have something you’d like to know? You can request a video tutorial by emailing us at info@horizonaudiology.com!

July 8th, 2016

Note to Our Patients

At Horizon Audiology our patients are our top priority. We wanted to send our of gratitude to each and every one of our patients for coming to our office for your hearing care. Our mission as a practice is to provide quality hearing care and help as many people hear better as possible. In doing so, we believe we are able to provide patients with improved quality of life, better relationships with family, friends and colleagues, and overall improved wellness. To achieve this mission, we ask that you consider rating us on Google and Facebook. This will allow you and new patients to easily access us online, with ever-changing internet guidelines. Read more below about our mission to better serve you, and how your rate will help us do so!


May 24th, 2016

Zounds Hearing Aids

Horizon Audiology is excited to be a provider of the rechargeable hearing aids, “Zounds”. The aids focus on speech clarity in conversation. They use “Intuitive Noise Cancellation”, a technology trademarked by the company, which helps users to focus on a desired conversation and block out distracting background noise in busy environments. We were able to sit down with owner of Horizon Audiology, Dr. Jane Brady AuD, to learn more about Zounds. 

What features of the Zounds hearing aids are you most excited to share with patients and how does the rechargeable aspect of the aids improve people’s audiologic experience? 

Dr. Brady: The Zounds product line includes rechargeablity which is a feature many individuals find important.

Zounds is proud to share that their hearing aids perform well in high frequency ranges, between 5,000 Hz and 8,000 Hz. What does this mean?

Dr. Brady: This means critical high frequency consonant sounds become more audible. These high frequency sounds are most critical to people understanding an audible message. Because the Zounds aids are able to amplify sounds in these high frequency ranges, they give users a clearer signal in quiet and in noise than some other aids. 

Zounds hearing aids also use “Dynamic Feedback Cancellation” technology. What does this mean and how does it benefit patients? 

Dr. Brady: Dynamic Feedback is a feature which reduces the annoying feedback patients experience with elevated amounts of high frequency gain. With an effective feedback suppression system, increased high frequency gain targets are matched and are attainable. 

What is the ShockSound Suppression system that the Zounds Aids use?

Dr. Brady: The hearing aids only amplify useful sounds, such as conversation and computer “bings” and signals, and prevent the amplification of loud painful sounds, such as glass shattering, beyond their comfort level.

Because of these features, what types of patients would have their hearing most positively affected by a Zounds hearing aid?

Dr. Brady: Anybody who finds themselves asking a coworker or family member to repeat themselves, someone who may be struggling when they are out to eat with friends or family, a listener who can’t always hear the soft voices of their grandchildren, and anybody who would like the benefits of a rechargeable battery would benefit from a Zounds hearing aid.

If you are a patient who falls under these categories above, how should you proceed to find out more information about the aids? 

Dr. Brady: The first step to obtaining hearing aids is to schedule a visit with one of our audiologist for a hearing test.  There, we will assess hearing across a frequency, determine speech discrimination ability to record clarity in quiet and in noise. In addition, we will assess middle ear function via tympanometry and outer hair cell function as well.

These are all tests completed at our Pennington or East Windsor locations.  After testing, we will review results, and discuss listening goals and listening needs.  After this thorough assessment, we will make recommendations for a product that best suits your needs.

Visit our website here or call (609) 448-9730 if you are interested in a Zounds Hearing Aid and would like to make an appointment with one of our audiologists to learn how you can benefit from amplified hearing.

May 18th, 2016

Exclusive Lunch and Listen Event for our Patients

Dear Patients,

As your Audiologists, informing you about the latest advances in hearing aid technology and making certain you are hearing all of your conversations is one of our top responsibilities. Recently, some new hearing aids have really captured our attention. We  think they may be a perfect fit for you. To introduce you to these hearing aids, we’ve arranged a special lunch and listen event that we’d love for you to attend.

Lunch & Listen
Monday, June 6 – 11:30AM
Join Dr. Fuchs for this exclusive event.

Join Dr. Fuchs for this exclusive event.

As my guest, you’ll enjoy a complimentary meal while getting an up-close-and-personal preview of the newest Unitron hearing aids. We will have a pair of these devices set aside for you and programmed for your hearing loss. You’ll be able to try them out over a complimentary lunch.  All of your questions about the technology are answered.

The goals of this lunch & listen are:

  • To educate you on the latest hearing solutions focused on better sound quality
  • Take a “test listen” with remarkable new hearing aids in one of the most challenging listening situations around – conversations in a crowded environment.

<>We are happy to say that this Lunch & Listen is completely free for you. But we are limiting the event to the first 10 RSVPs from patients with hearing test results on file. So, we urge you to reserve your seat today by calling 609-448-9730.

We are committed to making sure you hear to the best of your ability. We expect our allotment of 10 seats to fill up quickly, so call Horizon Audiology at 609-448-9730 or register here today.


Jane C. Brady, AuD FAAA, Doctor of Audiology

President and Supervising Licensee
NJ Audiology License #YA376
NJ Hearing aid Dispensing License #MG710

Tara L. Fuchs, AuD FAAA, Doctor of Audiology

NJ Audiology License #YA558
NJ Hearing aid Dispensing License #MG834

Kristina Lanzoni, AuD, CCC-A, Doctor of Audiology
NJ Audiology License #YA667
NJ Hearing aid Dispensing License #MG978
May 17th, 2016

Continuing Education for our Doctors

Doctors Tara Fuchs and Kristina Lanzoni attended a 2-day course on Coding & Reimbursement in Connecticut.  Our Audiologists learned the basic and complex aspects of billing in an Audiology practice. They were happy and proud that Horizon is unique in their unbundled billing model! 


Dr. Lanzoni and Dr. Fuchs at the Event

If you would like to take advantage of Horizon Audiology’s patient-focused unbundling model of billing, call our office in East Windsor at (609) 448-9730 or in Pennington at (609) 303 0291.

“Life is Calling, Horizon Helps You Answer.”

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