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October 19th, 2016

Horizon Gives Back-Hope is in the Bag and Walk4Hearing

Horizon Audiology cares deeply for the well-being of each of our patients and their families. We strive towards helping people improve their quality of life through improved hearing and balance testing, but also work to benefit the healthcare community as a whole in any way we can. This October, our office participated in two exciting events in New Jersey to fulfill this goal.

Walk4Hearing, Hope is in the Bag

The Horizon Audiology Team at the Walk4Hearing

The first event, Hope is in the Bag, is a shopping and dining event throughout October which strives to improve the lives of women impacted by breast cancer. Sponsored by the Hopewell Business Association, Capital Health and Pennington Business and Professional Association, the event lasted throughout the first two weeks of October and gave local businesses, like ours, the opportunity to participate in raising funds and awareness to shop locally and make a difference in the lives of breast cancer fighters, survivors, and their loved ones. Dr. Brady shares her motivation for participating in Hope is in the Bag: “I lost my dear friend, who was like a sister, to Breast cancer. That’s who I participate in honor of. Her name is Gina Paradiso Casella”. Horizon Audiology is proud to be a member of the Pennington Business and Professional Association which values giving back to the community and making a positive difference, encouraging us to participate in events like Hope is in the Bag. We encourage readers and patients to continue shopping local and supporting survivors and fighters.

Horizon Audiology also had the opportunity to participate in the Hearing Loss Association of America’s 2016 Walk4Hearing, which took place on October 16 in Mercer County Park. The walk was a gathering of audiology and doctor’s offices and friends, family and supporters of the hearing impaired. It was an amazing testament to the support our patients have in the community. The walk benefitted HLAA in their attempt to help the hearing impaired advocate for better communication strategies, increase awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding hearing loss. Together, the teams were able to raise $71,872.44!

Thank you to our patients and community businesses who support Horizon Audiology’s efforts to make a positive difference in the community. As always, thank you for choosing Horizon Audiology!

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August 23rd, 2016

Put a Hearing Test at the Top of Your “Done” List


Hearing Test

Do you find yourself asking, “Do I Need a Hearing Test”? You may be realizing you are turning the TV volume up louder than normal, or your family is urging you to schedule a visit. Regardless, scheduling your first hearing test may seem like an overwhelming decision. But it doesn’t have to be. At Horizon Audiology, we encourage all of our patients and adults over 60 in our area to get an annual hearing test, just as you get an annual dental and vision exam. Today, we’d like to share an article from the Better Hearing Institute about why you should consider getting your annual audiogram!

8 rousing reasons to put a hearing test at the top of your “done” list

Of all the life hacks for better living, taking care of your hearing is among the smartest — and it yields an incredible ROI. In short, getting a hearing test is worth it.

No matter what your age, untreated hearing loss can take its toll. The catch is, hearing loss is stealthy. It’s usually hard to notice at first. In fact, it tends to come on so gradually that it tricks you into oblivion. Then it robs you of more than you realize, sooner than you realize.

From pilfering away at your relationships and quality of life, to putting you at risk for other health conditions, untreated hearing loss is a silent thief. And don’t think for a minute that you’re too young to think about hearing loss — you’re not.

It’s a noisy world. You’re part of it. And the numbers show that hearing loss is becoming more common among younger adults — in their 20s and 30s. So make sure you value your hearing. It’s a treasure worth keeping.

To give you an extra push, here are eight reasons why you should get a hearing test today. 

1. It may help your pocketbook. Research shows that middle-aged people with hearing loss have about a third more in health care payments than those without hearing loss. A study by the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) shows that using hearing aids reduces the risk of income loss by 90 to 100 percent for those with milder hearing loss, and from 65 to 77 percent for those with severe to moderate hearing loss. People with untreated hearing loss lost as much as $30,000 in income annually, the study found.

2. Your mind may benefit. Research shows a link between hearing loss and dementia, leading experts to believe that interventions, like hearing aids, could potentially delay or prevent dementia. Certainly, notable researchers believe that addressing hearing loss may at least help protect cognitive function.

3. It could boost your job performance. Most hearing aid users in the workforce say it has helped their performance on the job. That’s right. Getting a hearing test could benefit all those employees (a whopping 30 percent) who suspect they have hearing loss but haven’t sought treatment.

4. Life’s challenges may not seem so intimidating. Research shows people with hearing loss who use hearing aids are more likely to tackle problems actively. Apparently, hearing your best brings greater confidence.

5. Your zest for life might get zestier. Most people who use hearing aids say it has a positive effect on their relationships. They’re more likely to have a strong social network, be optimistic, feel engaged in life, and even get more pleasure in doing things.

6. It could protect you against the blues. Hearing loss is linked to a greater risk of depression in adults, especially 18 to 69-year-olds. But studies also show that treating hearing loss can boost quality of life. BHI research shows that people with hearing loss who use hearing aids are less likely to feel down, depressed or hopeless.

7. You’ll probably be more likely to get the drift. Most people who use hearing aids say it helps their overall ability to communicate effectively in most situations. The majority who bought their hearing aids within the past five years say they’re pleased with their ability to hear in the workplace, at home with family members, in conversations in small and large groups, when watching TV with others, in lecture halls, theaters or concert halls, when riding in a car, and even when trying to follow conversations in the presence of noise.

8. Your heart and health may benefit. Cardiovascular and hearing health are linked. Some experts say the inner ear is so sensitive to blood flow that it’s possible that abnormalities in the cardiovascular system could be noted here earlier than in other less sensitive parts of the body. But it isn’t just about your heart. Hearing loss may signal or exacerbate other health conditions as well, including depression, sleep apnea, cognitive decline, and the risk of falling and hospitalization.

So do it for your health. Do it for your happiness. Get a hearing test.

To take a free, quick, and confidential online hearing check to help determine if you need a comprehensive hearing test by a hearing health care professional, visit www.BetterHearing.org.

From Horizon:

We’ve also added a video where Dr. Brady shares advice on what you can expect from your audiologist at your appointment. 


August 16th, 2016

Horizon’s Team won NJ Jr. Little League State Champions!

The NJ Jr. Little League State Champions

The NJ Jr. Little League State Champions

Horizon’s Team won NJ Jr Little League State Champions!

Congratulations to Horizon Audiology’s New Jersey Junior Little League Baseball Team, playing out of the PAL Fields in East Windsor, New Jersey. The team remained undefeated throughout District 12, Section 3 and the New Jersey State tournament, with a perfect 8-0 record. The hardworking group is comprised of boys ages 12-14 from East Windsor Township: William Auker, Danny Brady (Dr. Brady’s son), Michael Caniano, Ethan Busa, Nicholas Feretic, Colin DeTrolio, Andrew Luczak, Brian Mikita, Jonathan Drews, Jake Meneskie, Ben Simon, Jared Stillwagon, Luke Vista. The team was coached by Tom Meneskie, Brian Auker, Kraig Luczak, Derek Stillwagon.

Entering the East tournament, the boys played tough games against teams from the MidAtlantic region- all states from Maine to Maryland. The tournament took place in Freehold. New Jersey and our team made it into the championship game, but lost a close game to Maryland. Our Horizon Audiology staff is so proud of our Jr. Little League team for their hard work, teamwork and dedication! We would like to thank the parents, families, and supporters who came out to watch the games and support our boys. A special thanks goes to our very own Dr. Tara Fuchs who came out from Brick Township to cheer on the team!

Congratulations and Good Luck to Team Maryland who is competing in the Jr. Little League World Series in Michigan! Best of luck to our boys in their upcoming baseball seasons and school year. We look forward to continuing to watch this gifted group of athletes play.

Experiencing hearing difficulty? Contact Horizon Audiology. Our talented group of doctors have over 60 years of combined experience in the field and we’d be happy to help you.

NJ State Champions, Horizon Audiology, East Windsor PAL

Dr. Tara Fuchs (left) with Dr. Jane Brady (right)


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April 25th, 2016

Administrative Assistants Day 2016

With Administrative Assistants Day coming up this Wednesday, April 27, Horizon Audiology wishes to thank our excellent staff for their contributions to the practice. Those you are most likely to be helped by when you come in to or call our office are Mary, Sharon and Carol Ann.

How would an office run without staffing the front desk and having an excellent office manager?  Fortunately, at Horizon Audiology, we don’t have to worry.  We have Mary in East Windsor, who is able to answer the phone, organize patient charts and offer a friendly smile to our patients and Sharon in Pennington, who calls patients to remind them of audiologic evaluations, hearing aid check ups, and upcoming warranty expirations.  The Audiologists at Horizon are also extremely fortunate to have Carol Ann, the office manager.  She is the heartbeat of our practice!  Carol Ann is our manager who fields any question, concern or need whether it be for a patient or staff!

On Administrative Assistants Day and everyday, we thank these three incredible women for all they do! Stop in to a Horizon Audiology location in East Windsor or Pennington to meet them and see how we can help you find out how “Horizon Hears You”!

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February 22nd, 2016

Horizon Audiology in US1

PrincetonInfo logo

“What’s Happening Today in Princeton, NJ?”, Horizon Audiology! We are excited share a great article in US 1 Newspaper, featuring Horizon Audiology. Dr. Brady was able to share some of her experience in the audiology field, discuss the benefits of hearing care and speak about the excellent services our office has to offer. If you’re wondering whether a hearing aid is right for you, check out the article here and then stop in to one of our offices in Pennington or East Windsor, NJ! Thank you to Scott Morgan and US 1 for their support and recognition.


“Life is Calling, Horizon Helps You Answer.”

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